Mission: “we are writing a new era”.

Keywords: integration and identity.

The color arises in blocks, prints are distortions, accessories are explicative, embroidery is decadence. The objective is to try to represent a generation without a name.

The offered aesthetics define a self-awareness that doesn’t trap the identity but opens to the expression of a becoming personality. The objective is to create a timeless semantic that gives impact to the individuality of those who wear the brand.

Since the beginning of the project in 2018, the total look garments are divided into two seasonal releases, on a restricted base of models realized in multiple fabrics and declinations of metameric colors. Black is the leading thread.

We supply from the most important Italian textiles companies and it guarantees to customers the quality of the Italian textile manufacture.

PTRCRS is a “made in Italy” project. It was created, designed and self-produced and wants to combine research and tradition. PTRCRS collections don’t have a pre-scheduled seasonality typical of the fashion system, but they express the results of a creative flow that photographs a moment, an emotion or a message that cannot wait to be communicated.

Sales development wants to focus mainly on the “on-line” market through its e-commerce and the use of specialized platforms.

PTRCRS communication heads towards the content in all its forms. It represents a lifestyle, a vision, a search of a new metropolitan “dandism” prototype.

The brand is therefore enriched by the content of which it is the protagonist and is inspired by a new concept of product, approaching it as an expression tool.


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